Did Dr Disrespect Record a New Song with Drake and The Weeknd?

Did Disrespect record a new song with Drake and The Weeknd? Well, that's what a new tweet from the YouTube streamer suggests, but surely that's too wild to be true. And it probably is, but right now there's no definitve answer. As you may know, an AI-made song featuring Drake and The Weeknd has been going viral recently. Why has it been going viral? Because it sounds way too good to made by an AI. It's called Heart on My Sleeve and it was made by a supposed music industry ghostwriter using an AI.  The lyrics are written by a real person, and the beat is made by a real person, but the "performances" are not Drake and The Weeknd. The performnaces are just an AI. And it sounds way too real.

That said, Dr Disrespect does make music. And it's not bad and does get some play. His most popular song, Alleyways, has over 10 million plays on Spotify. And he's pretty big on the Internet. Despite the fact he's no longer on Twitch, he's still one of the biggest streamers in the world. Is he famous enough to do a song with Drake or The Weeknd, let alone both? Probably not. The music profiles don't really match either. 

So what did Dr Disrespect mean when he tweeted "just recorded a new song alongside Drake and Weekend so I'm feeling good today"? The answer is, we don't know. There are a few possibilities. The first is he did record a song with the two. The second is that this is just a reference to Heart on My Sleeve. And then there's a chance this is nothing more than Dr Disrespect having a bit of fun. It's probably some combination of two and three.

So far, Dr Disrespect has not followed up this tweet in any capacity or provided any type of clarificaton. As always, we will keep you updated if this changes. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Would you be interested in hearing Dr Disrespect do a song with Drake and The Weeknd?