Dragon Ball: The Breakers Release Date, Trailer Revealed

Those looking forward to Dragon Ball: The Breakers were treated to a surprise announcement this week when Bandai Namco revealed not only the release date for the new game but a trailer and plans for a closed network test, too. The game will be out on October 14th, the publisher said, with the test set for early August to give people their first hands-on experience with the game. Pre-orders launched for the game as well for those who are already committed to the idea of an asymmetrical Dragon Ball survival game without having played it yet.

With the release date in mind, you can check out the trailer below after it was shared this week to see how the game's looking so far. Note that this trailer is part cinematic and part gameplay with the latter shown more as the trailer goes on.

Some of the characters like Frieza are recognizable right away, but if you're wondering who the other Saiyan lookalikes are, the plot of the game should make sense of that. It features teams of seven Survivors and one "Raider" wherein the Survivors are civilians "caught in a 'Temporal Seam'" and the Raider is one of the iconic Dragon Ball villains such as Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu based on what we've seen so far. Raiders look to eliminate all the Survivors while the Survivors must escape before it's too late.

The Survivors use things called "Transpheres" which "contain the souls of Super warriors and grant special abilities and powers." A press release indicated that one of those includes a Transphere for Android 18 that allows for someone to use a Wall Kick skill, so it looks like there will be one that allows for a temporary Saiyan transformation, too, if the trailer is anything to go off of.

If that still seems a bit confusing, perhaps playing the game will make more sense of it all. To do so, you can sign up for the closed network test scheduled to kick off on August 6th. You've got until August 1st to sign up and can apparently pick any platform the game will release on (so PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC), though signing up doesn't necessarily guarantee access to the test.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers will release on October 14th.