Get the New Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit for Under $13

If you're ready to get started with Dungeons & Dragons, the brand new Essentials Kit is the [...]


If you're ready to get started with Dungeons & Dragons, the brand new Essentials Kit is the easiest way to do it. Unlike the original Starter Set ($11.99 - 40% off), the Essentials Kit focuses on character creation, and the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure that's included in the kit introduces new "sidekick" rules that make it possible to play the game 1-on-1. In other words, you don't need to organize a group of five or more players to start your adventures. One DM and one adventurer will do nicely, and the adventurer can use the sidekick rules to recruit townspeople, animals, and other creatures to join in on the quest.

At the time of writing, the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit is available to order on Amazon for only $12.55, which is 50% off the list price and an all-time low. The kit includes everything you need to start your adventures: blank character sheets, dice, a 33" × 8.5" Dungeon Master's screen, cards for magic items, a double-sided poster map for use with the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure, a code for 50% the digital version of the Player's Handbook, and access to supplementary content, including additional adventure materials to continue the story into higher levels of play. Just keep in mind that there is another new D&D starter set on sale right now that you might want to consider if you're a Rick and Morty fan...


Indeed, Wizards of the Coast and Adult Swim recently released their highly anticipated Rick and Morty Dungeons & Dragons crossover adventure starter set, which was created by the same minds that brought us the Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons comics - Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles), Jim Zub (The Avengers, Wayward), and artist Troy Little (Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas). The set includes a 64-page rulebook annotated by Rick, a 32-page original adventure for levels 1–3, a 4-panel folding Dungeon Master screen featuring new art, 5 ready-to-play character sheets, and 11 dice.

Pre-orders for the Rick and Morty D&D set are live on Amazon now for $23.30 (22% off) with shipping slated for November 19th. Note that you won't be charged until the set ships and you'll automatically get any additional discounts that occur during the pre-order period (if you've already pre-ordered, you're covered).

When you're ready, you can dive into the core rulebooks, which can be ordered in this awesome gift set with reflective foil covers, a DM screen, and a slipcase.

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