Joe Manganiello's 'Dungeons & Dragons' Character Will Be Made Part of Official Game Canon

Joe Manganiello's Dungeons & Dragons character will become an official part of the game's canon.

Yahoo recently aired a profile about Joe Manganiello, best known for his starring roles in True Blood and Magic Mike. In addition to being a big-time Hollywood actor, Manganiello is also a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan and serves as a semi-official ambassador for the game in mainstream media in addition to being a consultant and writer for the game.

During the interview, Manganiello revealed that his recently retired character Arkhan the Cruel would actually be made into an official D&D character. "Dungeons & Dragons brought me on to write a story about him," Manganiello said. "So my character, that I've played for years, has now ascended and will become part of D&D canon."

Arkhan the Cruel is a red dragonborn Antipaladin dedicated to the evil dragon god Tiamet. D&D fans might already be familiar with Arkhan, as the character has made several appearances on various D&D related media. Manganiello played as Arkhan in the D&D web series Force Grey and Critical Role. In the latter series, Arkhan stole the dangerous artifact the Hand of Vecna and forcibly attached to his body, giving him even more powers.


Manganiello's Arkhan isn't a character to be trifled with. In a recent livestreamed game, Arkhan did a whopping 315 points of damage with a single Divine Smite. That's an insane amount of damage - enough to level all but the most powerful of Demon Lords in the game.

There's no word about when Manganiello's character will be appear in a D&D adventure. We know that Dungeons & Dragons is prepping a nautical-themed book for a Spring 2019 release and will announce their 2019 adventure in May. We'll hopefully have more information soon.