'Dungeons & Dragons' Next Publication Contains Remake of Classic Adventure Module

Dungeons & Dragons released two pages of their next publication, which contains what appears to be a remake of the classic module "The Final Enemy."

Earlier today, Dungeons & Dragons held its monthly "Spoilers and Swags" Twitch stream, in which D&D senior director Nathan Stewart and game designer Kate Welch interact with fans and tease some of the tabletop game's next products. This month, Stewart and Welch debuted two pages of their upcoming publication, which is due to come out sometime this spring.

Stewart and Welch revealed last month that the adventure would have a nautical theme, and the preview pages indicate that the book will actually contain one or more adventures. The two pages detailed what appears to be a remake of the classic module "The Final Enemy," which involves the infiltration of a sahuagin fortress. The first page depicts a picture of the "lobster fight club," in which two lobsters fight to the death while sahuagin watch, and the second page shows an arena setting that includes a picture of two adventures fighting a sea cat.

The big clue that this is a remake isn't the pictures themselves, but the text included in the preview pages. The second page contains a description of a large arena with two sahuagin fighting to the death. The first paragraph matches a similar paragraph from The Final Enemy almost word for word. "In the arena proper, two sahuagin warriors are locked in mortal combat, each unarmed and tearing at the other with viscious claws and bone crunching bites," the description reads. "They are settling a major grievance in the traditional sahuagin manner, a duel to the death, using only nature's weapons. They have no possessions."

You can see the preview pages below:

Spoiler Swag

It seems that the next book will be a publication similar to 2017's Tales of the Yawning Portal, which featured updated versions of classic settings like The Tomb of Horrors and The Sunless Citadel. The books can either serve as standalone stories or incorporated into wider adventures. Notably, Tales of the Yawning Portal (and The Final Enemy) is set in Greyhawk instead of the Forgotten Realms.

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