The Best Part of the D&D Direct Was This Epic Planescape Art Reveal

Today's D&D Direct revealed one very important piece of information – Tony DiTerlizzi is involved in the upcoming Planescape boxed set. During a rundown of upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game products, Wizards of the Coast revealed a new piece of artwork for its upcoming Planescape boxed set, which comes out later this year. The artwork is by Tony DiTerlizzi, the artist who originally brought the Planescape setting to life with his evocative and unique art style when it first came out nearly 30 years ago. You can check out the full piece of artwork, which features the evocative Lady of Pain surrounded by denizens of Sigil, down below: 


The artwork also potentially hints at some of the playable races we could see in the boxed set. Bariaur, Rogue Modrons, Mephits, and Slaadi all appear in the new artwork and it seems certain that the boxed set will contain the next batch of playable races available for character creation. 

Considering that Dungeons & Dragons is embracing the multiverse as it enters its next phase within the game, it seems like Planescape could play a large role in the franchise. The Planescape setting explored the various planes of the D&D universe along with the infamous city Sigil, whose many doors connected to every plane of existence. Sigil would be an easy hub for future D&D stories, especially those that involve multiple planes (such as the just announced 2024 Vecna adventure). 

Other books confirmed for this year include Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk, which will revisit the mysterious obelisks that have appeared in past D&D adventures, and Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants, a giant-themed book that expands on the giants' role in the D&D mythos. The year will end with The Book of Many Things, which will explore the infamous Deck of Many Things artifact.