Elden Ring Gameplay Presentation Arriving Tomorrow

A new gameplay presentation for the 2022 action game Elden Ring is poised to take place tomorrow morning on November 4. Bandai Namco and developer FromSoftware announced today on social media that this new showcase will be transpiring in a little under 24 hours. And while specifics of the event haven't been given just yet, this will mark our first official look at raw, uncut gameplay from the title. 

As a whole, it was confirmed that this forthcoming "Gameplay Preview" for Elden Ring is set to take place tomorrow, November 4, beginning at 7:00am PDT/10:00am EDT. The full video that is being released for this occasion is said to last 15 minutes in total. As mentioned before, this will also mark the first extensive look at gameplay from Elden Ring since the title re-emerged earlier this summer. While the trailer that we saw in proximity to E3 2021 did feature gameplay footage, it wasn't of the uncut variety like this presentation will assumedly be.

In a general sense, it makes a ton of sense for Bandai Namco and FromSoftware to be giving fans a deeper look at Elden Ring at this point in time given that a Network Test for the game is slated to happen in the near future. Starting on November 12, select players will be able to take part in a beta that will allow FromSoftware to test out certain features of Elden Ring prior to its launch next year. With this in mind, it is very logical for the studio to show off the game in an official capacity prior to this Network Test going live.

When it comes to the actual launch of Elden Ring, the game is now poised to release early next year on February 25 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Be sure to stay tuned to our coverage here on ComicBook.com as we'll be sure to share this new gameplay video with you once it goes live tomorrow.


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