Elden Ring Speedrunners Beat Game in Under an Hour

An Elden Ring player has managed to finish the game in just under 50 minutes, which is a massive achievement given the scope of FromSoftware's RPG. To put that in perspective, barely half of Elden Ring players have defeated the first proper boss in the game. It's been speculated that this is a result of the game's immense commercial success and there's a large group of players that were turned off by the first boss fight or perhaps just the journey to get to the first boss. In the time it has taken many to make just a minor amount of progress, some have now managed to complete the entire game.

Streamer LilAggy conquered Elden Ring in 59 minutes 38 seconds and was apparently the first player to finish the game in under an hour. LilAggy was then topped by Distortion2 who managed to beat the game in 49 minutes 29 seconds. Of course, both players used speedrunning strategies that manipulate the game in various ways to beat it far more quickly than normal. For example, LilAggy was able to force the game to spawn him into areas that he otherwise wasn't meant to restart at, allowing him to skip into late-game areas with ease. For a game that has only been out for a few weeks, players are already managing to find all of its hidden secrets and taking advantage of its imperfections.

It's likely the record time will continue to get shorter and shorter as players meticulously craft a formula for their speedrunning and discover new tricks. Whether players will be able to finish the game in 30 minutes or less remains to be seen, but they're likely going to make a great effort to do so. Although Elden Ring is meant to be very difficult, it seems like players are largely appreciating the challenge and getting a lot out of the experience. It has received rave reviews and sold a massive amount of copies, making it a mainstream success, something not terribly common for a relatively niche genre.

Elden Ring is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here!

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