Fall Guys Fan Reveals Dr Disrespect Skin Concept

The plentiful crossover ideas for Fall Guys have been expanded beyond just games themselves and now include brands and big-name personalities. One of those crossover concepts for different skins to be added to the game was shared this week to imagine what a Dr Disrespect skin would look like in the game. The skin concept outfitted a Fall Guys bean person with the streamer’s signature look complete with a mustache, big hair, a headset, glasses, and an outfit you’d usually see Dr Disrespect sporting on stream.

Twitter user xPRKRx designed the Fall Guys outfit shown below that crossed the streamer with the game that has become so popular on streaming platforms itself. It’s one of many crossover ideas we’ve seen pitched for the game, and like some of the other more involved ones, it’s already received tons of recognition.

It helps that the streamer retweeted xPRKRx’s creation to his 1.8 million followers on Twitter after he was tagged in it. Judging by the thumbnail for his video where he played Fall Guys himself and the fact that he showcased the skin concept in the video, it looks like the streamer approves of the idea.

Fall Guys isn’t a game you’d typically expect to see Dr Disrespect playing since he largely sticks to shooters, but the appeal of Fall Guys is a strong one. It made a huge impact on both Steam and Twitch when it launched and has continued strong since then. It’s also helped by the fact that it’s one of the free PlayStation Plus games available to subscribers this month.

The game experienced some server issues after launch as a result of so many players trying to get into games, but those problems have largely been fixed now with rewards available to players who persisted through the problems previously. A new update also just went live that added another level to the game’s rotation of playable modes.


As for Dr Disrespect, his new Fall Guys videos and more content to come are the result of his return to YouTube. He ended up there after being banned from Twitch and taking some time off between his last stream on the Amazon-owned platform and his YouTube return. He says he still doesn’t know why he was banned from Twitch.

Fall Guys is now available on the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.