Fall Guys Players Finally Start Unlocking "Impossible" Achievement

Fall Guys players who double as achievement or trophy hunters have plenty of challenging tasks to complete like winning multiple games in a row, but one achievement in particular has been deemed "impossible" by many in the community as of late. That achievement is "Head Turner" which tasks players with equipping "a legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece." Given that legendary cosmetics are no longer a thing following the game's free-to-play transition, that achievement wasn't one that new players could get which meant that if you hoped to earn every achievement or trophy in the game, Head Turner would stand in your way.

Players were understandably a bit annoyed by that and have been posting on Reddit and within the game's Discord server asking about the achievement and if Mediatonic had any plans to fix the issue. Over in one of the channels within the Fall Guys Discord server, the team responded to a question about Head Turner (via True Achievements) to say "we are working to make this achievable."

That response came on July 7th, and as of this week, it looks like something has indeed been done to make it so that players can have the Head Turner achievement unlocked without having to equip the legendary gear that no longer exists as a cosmetic rarity. Once more within the game's Discord server, players have been posting over the past day or so that they randomly got the achievement unlocked from simply visiting the store or performing other actions unrelated to the unlock conditions of Head Turner.

That's good news for people who are finally getting the achievement unlocked, but for those who don't have it yet, it's still a bit frustrating given that the unlock conditions aren't fully understood now that it's been changed behind the scenes. As others and True Achievements pointed out, it seems that the achievement can now be unlocked by equipping combinations of special, event, and the older legendary gear within both the "Pattern" and "Costume" cosmetic slots. That means that by picking up items through the future events as they come around, you should be able to get Head Turner without having to pay anything.

Again, the unlock conditions are not fully understood at this time, but the change (whatever it was) will hopefully allow for an easier time when it comes to earning this achievement.