Fall Guys Season 3 Adding 7 New Levels, More Obstacles Revealed

The Fall Guys community got a preview of Season 3 this week during The Game Awards, and it won’t [...]

The Fall Guys community got a preview of Season 3 this week during The Game Awards, and it won't be much longer now before the players are able to experience it themselves with the new season starting soon. Fall Guys Season 3 begins on December 15th with some of what's to come teased through the Season 3 trailer that premiered during the event. Thanks to some more information that followed soon afterwards, we now know that the next season of Fall Guys will add seven new levels for players to scramble through as well as over 30 new skins.

IGN provided the first details on just how many levels players can expect from Season 3 as well as other info about features and cosmetics planned for the next season. The Winter Knockout theme the season's centered around will come with "many more festive surprises" along with the levels and skins we've already seen teased.

Following the first preview of what we'll see from Season 3, IGN spoke to Mediatonic level designer Joseph "J.J." Juson to learn more about some of the levels and obstacles coming in the next season. Juson spoke about finding the "right level of chaos" when constructing the levels and obstacles we'll see in Season 3, and from the sounds of things, we'll see plenty of chaos.

One of the obstacles previewed was a flipper embedded in the ground that works like launch pads and sends players flying in a direction. Those flippers were scattered throughout different levels and were often nearby two other obstacles coming in Season 3: A "Punch Box" and fans. The Punch Box, as its name suggests, shoots out from a wall or the floor to knock players in the direction it's moving which could end up knocking them right into a flipper. The fans have a similar but more gentle effect as they push players in a direction.

Juson said the team originally considered having the fans be a blizzard to fit in with the seasonal theme but said that it ended up being hard to see which resulted in the fans. Like the rolling balls we've seen in past seasons, Season 3 will have snowballs that grow in size as they plow down the courses towards players.

Fall Guys Season 3 starts on December 15th.