Fallout 76 Update Will Test New One Wasteland Feature and Preview Season 2

Fallout 76's public test server is once again opening its doors to players soon when the PTS comes online on Friday to test some new features. One of those features is the "One Wasteland" leveling overhaul that adjusts the levels of creatures players find in the game to closer match players' own levels, a feature that'll make it easier for players of varying levels to team up with one another. That new feature and more will be available on the test servers for a while before they come to the liver servers.

Bethesda previewed its test server contents planned for Friday and invited players back into the PTS to see what's new. The One Wasteland feature that we've heard of before is the big highlight since it'll allow players across different levels to have an easier time teaming up and taking on threats together.

"Creature levels throughout Appalachia will now adjust up or down on the fly to more closely match your own level as you come across them," Bethesda said. "For example, if you and a much lower-level friend both encounter the same creature, its level will simultaneously adjust to be higher for you and lower for your friend. Enemy loot and XP also scale when their levels are adjusted this way, so you won't miss out on any rewards. As a result, you and your pals will be able to adventure anywhere together—even if there's a level gap between you."

Another new feature going live in the PTS on Friday is a series of randomized encounters called "Daily Ops." These challenges consist of enemies with unique mutations that rewards players with loot if they can be defeated. You can repeat these Daily Ops over and over to encounter different enemies and earn more loot with up to four players taking part.

Fallout 76's seasonal system will also continue on the PTS this week with a preview of Season 2 that's called "Armor Ace."


"This PTS update includes the new 'Armor Ace and the Power Patrol' S.C.O.R.E. board, which is set to arrive when we release Patch 22 for the base game next month," Bethesda said. "You won't be able to claim Season rewards in the PTS, but we are planning to increase the S.C.O.R.E. you receive from challenges in the test server. This way, you will be able to play test Daily and Weekly Challenges and rank up efficiently in the new Season."

Fallout 76's test servers will reopen on August 14th for players to preview the content.