Fallout 76 Seasons Will Be Free for All Players

Fallout 76 is getting a totally new progression system soon where players play through “Seasons,” and it’ll be free for all players. The Seasons feature was announced not long ago when Bethesda shared the roadmap for the game in its post-Wastelanders state, but there was some question of whether or not players would have to pay for the Seasons since they looked a whole lot like a battle pass which typically comes in a free and premium form depending on what players want. The answer to those questions is that it’ll be free for everyone, though there may be some extra rewards in the future for those who’ve purchased the Fallout 1st premium membership.

The clarification about the Fallout 76 Season and how they’d work came after the roadmap was announced and Bethesda unveiled the first look at the new Seasons. Bethesda described them as the Fallout 76 take on the “Season Pass” system with the first one arriving in Update 20.

Only a single progression path was offered in the Season though, so it left players wondering if they’d have to pay more for it as they did for the Fallout 1st subscription. Bethesda clarified that players won’t have to pay anything and that the Seasons will be free.

Once the first Season is added in Update 20, players will find a new menu that takes them to the Season feature complete with a board game-style progression system.

“During the first Season, this will be a themed boardgame, and you will be placed at the first space on the board at Rank one out of a total of 100 Ranks,” Bethesda said. “Complete in-game activities to start accumulating new S.C.O.R.E. points, which will help you advance your position and “rank up.” Every time you reach a new Rank, you will unlock an exciting new reward you can claim, like a unique outfit, an item for your C.A.M.P., a weapon skin or Power Armor paint, consumables, Perk Card Packs, Atoms—even in-game currencies, like Scrip, Caps, or Gold Bullion!”


There will be one option for players to spend money via the in-game Atoms on the Seasons if they wish. Should players join into a Season after it’s already begun and want to catch up, or if they just want to move through it quicker, you can spend 150 Atoms to move up a rank. That’s a similar monetization system to what’s seen in most battle passes, so it should look familiar.

Fallout 76’s first Season will launch with Update 20.