Top Fallout Mods To Bring Star Wars Into The Wasteland

It's May 4th which means every Star Wars nerd, including myself, is enjoying the May the Fourth be [...]

It's May 4th which means every Star Wars nerd, including myself, is enjoying the May the Fourth be with you holiday. Because of that, and because we want an excuse to talk about both franchises, we present to you some of the best Star Wars mods out there to take into the Wasteland with you.

DC-15A Blaster Rifle


Speaking of blasters - you can now have one in the world of Fallout 4 to get your pew pew pew on when taking out the locals. Pair that with a few of the reskins we have later on, and you essentially just made a really low budge Star Wars simulator.

The above DC-15A Blaster Rifle mod is available here if you wanted to get your inner Clonetrooper on.



Come on, you didn't think we would have a Star Wars feature without lightsabers did you? For shame. What better way to "carve your way through the Commonwealth" than with the most iconic weapon in the Star Wars franchise?

There are tons of colour options and styles to choose from, so you can flip flop between Sith and Jedi all you'd like right here over at Nexus Mods.



In case you were in the mood for a playthrough with terrible aim, you can harness your inner Stormtrooper with the battle worn mod. It also looks fantastic when you're listening to Danse drone on and one and one about those damn synths.

The above mod can be found here.

Resistance and First Order Combat Armor Insignias


Whether you are one of those "rebel scum," or part of the elite, this mod lets your show off that affiliation pride right there over your heart (or where your heart would be if you're in the first order). It's a simple mod that affects nothing else than the front of the armor, but sometimes it's nice to let others know where your loyalties lie.

This mod can be downloaded right here.

Casual Star Wars T-shirt


Sometimes, you just gotta go casual ... we get it. For those moments, have a Star Wars Empire Strikes Back shirt instead. Codsworth might not want to look at you, but we'll think you're alright.

Again, this mod does nothing other than make you look super cool. And really, isn't that enough?

Star Wars Pip-Boy


A simple retexture mod for that handy dandy pip-boy to go perfectly with that Stormtrooper armor above. For those that know that white doesn't do too well in radiation, there's also a slick red version now available, as well! Both versions can be found here.

Kylo Ren


Get ready to throw some galactic temper tantrums with this mod that brings Kylo Ren (BEEEEEN) into the world of Fallout. It also pairs perfectly with his helmet mod, which is separate but looks damn good with the above light sabers.

For the Kylo mod, here.

For the helmet mod, here.

Star Wars Bot Followers


Tie fighters, At-At followers, X-wings, and more - this mod lets you have the bot follower you've always wanted and they're loyal to the bone! They'll follow you until they die, then you just have to build more. No muss, no fuss. They even come with custom sound effects and lasers, and that's just spiffy.

This mod can be found here.

Star Wars Paintings


And last but not least, Star Wars decor. When you're not out there trying to find your damn son, you can chill back at the home base in total fandom style. There are electronic style paintings as well in case you didn't want Yoda staring at you like he's judging all of the life choices you've made until this point.

Our final mod, and the most swanky, can be found right here.