Fantasian: New Trailers Reveal the RPG's Gorgeous Diorama Worlds

Coming soon to Apple Arcade, Fantasian is an all-new RPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu [...]

Coming soon to Apple Arcade, Fantasian is an all-new RPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and composer Nobuo Uematsu. To build hype for the game's release, developer Mistwalker Corporation has revealed new details and a pair of new trailers for Fantasian. The game is being billed by the company as a "Diorama Adventure RPG," and will feature gorgeous handcrafted environments for players to explore, as well as turn-based RPG gameplay. The game's storyline will focus on an amnesic hero named Leo on a quest to regain his memories and stop a mechanical infection that is sweeping the land. Fantasian's story trailer can be found at the top of this post.

In addition to the story trailer, a trailer focused on the game's features was also released, which can be found embedded below.

The game's diorama approach should give it a unique presentation! More than 150 dioramas were created for Fantasian. Each of these environments were built by veterans from projects like the Godzilla movies and Ultraman. The features trailer gives viewers a brief glimpse at the dioramas that can be seen in Fantasian, but players will have a much better opportunity to explore them throughout the game.

Exploration will play a major part in Fantasian and the game's turn-based battles have been tailored to give players a greater opportunity to investigate the diorama environments at their leisure. That's because Fantasian will feature what's being called a "Dimengeon Battle" mechanic. Players will have the option to send encountered foes into a "separate dimensional dungeon." After a few foes have been transferred, players will be able to take them on all at once. According to the developer, the approach should give players more time to explore unencumbered. It will be interesting to see if adding more monsters to a single encounter makes fights more difficult, however!

During Leo's journey, players will get opportunities to fill in the gaps in his knowledge. Players will do so by locating in-game novels, which feature artwork, music, and sound effects. Sakaguchi is crafting the game's storyline, and it certainly seems like the kind of RPG that old-school Final Fantasy fans will want to keep an eye on over the coming weeks!

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