FIFA 23 Leak Reveals Marvel Crossover

FIFA 23 will apparently have some kind of Marvel crossover when it releases. As of right now, FIFA 23 is looking to be one of the most interesting entries in the series in years, perhaps semi-unintentionally. Earlier this week, EA began unveiling new information about FIFA 23 and showcased the new cover art for the game. In addition to the traditional male cover athlete that the series has always had, EA also showcased its first female cover star with Australian player Sam Kerr. On top of all of that, EA also confirmed that it won't feature any Russian teams or clubs in FIFA 23 as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

A new FIFA 23 leak suggests things will be getting even more interesting with the addition of a Marvel crossover. A leaked image from EA suggests (via FUT23News) that FIFA 23 will feature a crossover with Marvel. The crossover is for something called 'FUT Heroes' and a web page reveals the following: "Bring football's fan favourites back to the pitch in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team as FUT Heroes, with special items that represent the memorable moments in their career that made them cult legends." The three players that are currently expected to be part of... whatever this is are Ricardo Carvalho, Park Ji-Sung, and Yaya Touré. It's not entirely clear how this will tie in to Marvel, but EA appears to be trying to keep things close to the vest at the moment. It seems unlikely that Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man will be playing soccer in Ultimate Team, but perhaps there will be Marvel-themed gear that players can equip or some kind of special events. 

We'll likely have to wait until closer to the game's release to learn more about this Marvel crossover. There's never really been any kind of big crossover with any of the major sports franchises outside of a SpongeBob crossover in Madden 21. It was relatively minimal and done to promote a Nickelodeon NFL game in real life, but it's hard to see what the connection between Marvel and FIFA would be.

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[H/T GamingBible]