Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Announced

Alongside announcing Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade today, Square Enix revealed that it’s also working on another remake of sorts related to the series. While it might be quite a bit different in nature, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis looks to tell players the story of the entire FFVII saga in an all-new format.

Planning to release next year, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a new adaptation of the saga for mobile devices. The game is planned to come to both iOS and Android platforms and it is said to be a “chapter-structured single player game”. Essentially, it’s Square Enix's manner of finding a way to tell the story of the series in a new format.

The biggest difference between Ever Crisis and the new Remake series that Square Enix is working on (other than the platforms each appears on) is that the former is also going to be telling the stories of all the Final Fantasy VII spin-off entries in addition to the main story. The game is meant to cover “the whole of the FFVII timeline” and will include chapters that focus on Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus.

When it comes to combat, however, it looks like Ever Crisis will be quite similar to other Final Fantasy VII entries. The quick look at gameplay that we do get in the game’s reveal trailer indicates that it will be turn-based in nature. And while the character models might look chibi-like when running about in the world, during combat, the graphics seem to resemble those seen in Final Fantasy VII Remake.


There’s still a ton more than we have to learn about Ever Crisis, but this is a pretty fascinating project for Square Enix to tackle. In a time where many have been looking for an easier way to experience the story from some of the spin-off chapters in this series, it looks like Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis could be Square's response to those desires.

So what do you think about Ever Crisis? Will you give it a shot when it releases next year? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.