Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade Announced for PS5

After months of lingering rumors that suggested Final Fantasy VII Remake was soon destined to come to the PlayStation 5, Square Enix made the news official during today's State of Play presentation. And if a next-gen version of one of 2020's best games wasn't already enough to get you excited, it's going to contain a whole lot of new content as well.

Revealed to end the show, a new iteration of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 5 was finally unveiled. The full title for this new version of the game is Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade and it's slated to launch on June 10, 2021. As you would expect, this new game will take advantage of the extra power that the PS5 has at its disposal. Not only will FFVIIR and its accompanying world of Midgar look better than ever before, but it will also run better. This means that gameplay will now be that much more smooth, which I don't think anyone won't be a fan of.

Likely the most noteworthy addition to Intergrade seems to come in the form of new content that wasn't found in the original release last year. The game's reveal trailer featured a variety of cutscenes and gameplay centering around the character Yuffie. For those unaware, Yuffie is a classic character that appeared in the original Final Fantasy VII, but she has yet to appear in this new remake series. While details still aren't clear, it looks as though this new content will center around Yuffie and her friends in a story that crosses over with the events of FFVIIR.

Best of all, Square Enix also confirmed that Intergrade will be available as a free upgrade to those who already might own Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4. So whether you own the game currently in a digital or physical format, you'll be able to upgrade for yourself in June. The only downside, however, is that the new Yuffie episode won't be packed in with this update. More details are surely to come regarding the sale of this expansion on its own.

So how do you feel about Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade? Is this a game you'll look to pick up again? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.