Fire Pro Wrestling World Will Get a U.S. Release This Summer On PlayStation 4

Ever since it was confirmed a few months back, die-hard wrestling fans have been waiting on pins [...]

Ever since it was confirmed a few months back, die-hard wrestling fans have been waiting on pins and needles for Spike Chunsoft's Fire Pro Wrestling World to be announced for release on PlayStation 4 in the U.S. – especially once it added a few New Japan Pro Wrestling superstars to the deck. Well, wonder no longer, fans – it's officially coming!

The publisher has confirmed that Fire Pro Wrestling World will make its way to the U.S. and European markets this summer, in both digital and physical form for PlayStation 4. This will mark the first time that we've seen a Fire Pro Wrestling game for consoles since, well, probably since the Avatar-based downloadable version for Xbox 360 that came out a few years ago.

For those that need a reminder of the awesome features Wrestling will include, here's the rundown:

The greatest grappling game returns to take on the world on the PlayStation 4 system! In Fire Pro Wrestling World, customize every aspect of the match, from your wrestler to the ring itself, to fight your way to the championship belt.

Key Features

  • Mix Up the Rules – Modes include Deathmatch (steel cage, barbed wire, or landmines), no-holds barred Gruesome Fighting, and SWA homebrew rules that mix pro-wrestling and MMA.
  • Unlimited Customization – Create your dream wrestler from over a thousand devastating moves, and even more body parts, to battle for custom championship belts. Personalize the ring, mat logos, and even the referee!
  • Realistic Simulation – Give your creations personalities with a robust system that defines their every action. Does your wrestler play to the crowd, or play dirty? You provide actors for the ringside drama.
  • Play Online – Share your custom wrestlers, organize exhibition matches, tournaments, leagues, championship bouts, and battle royals with players from around the world

You can see the latest trailer for the game below, which gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of action. Fire Pro Wrestling fans will be pleased by its classic look, while at the same time opening up an array of moves that can be used to pummel their opponent.

Now, if you're busy watching the Strong Style Evolved special, that's fine – but definitely save this for a nightcap so you can go to sleep with the thought of DDT's and flying high-risk moves dancing in your heads.

Can't wait for Fire Pro Wrestling World? Check it out on Steam/PC now!

(Hat tip to Gematsu for the details!)