Firewatch Confirmed for Nintendo Switch


The atmospheric adventure title from Camp Santo, Firewatch, is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch! The developer took to their blog to offer the official news, and honestly - it's a good fit!

The game, since it first released back in 2016, was met with "very positive" reviews and the simplistic graphics, soothing sounds, and progressive exploration all make it a perfect fit for the hybrid console from Nintendo. This walking simulator not only offers a beautiful experience, but a memorable one as well. It's definitely one of those indie titles worth checking out.

Campo Santos took to their site to deliver the good word, though no release date at this time. They did mention optimizations are being done to ensure a successful port, as well as going into detail concerning what it takes to strip the tech. This is what the team had to say:

"When will it be out? All we can say is "soon!" Reengineering the sprawling meadows and towering trees of Firewatch's wilderness to play perfectly on new hardware is no small engineering task. We've been hard at work stripping much of Firewatch's tech down to the studs and rebuilding it to render the world more quickly, to stream and load faster, and to generally be more responsive. Nearly everyone in the Campo Santo office has a Nintendo Switch (and the rest want one). We know what a good Switch game feels like, and want to make sure Firewatch feels like one too.

Plus, we're hoping to throw in a couple surprises just for the Switch release.


And for our other players, take note: The optimizations we're doing to Firewatch aren't just for Switch. They're for Firewatch's future as well. For the many people out there who haven't played Firewatch yet, as well as the millions of existing fans who may go back and revisit the game some day, we want the experience to be as good as it can be. We expect to bring the low-level optimizations and tech clean-up we're doing for the Switch to all platforms eventually. That means if things go to plan, we'll see performance improvements on PlayStation 4 (and 4 Pro), Xbox One (and One X), Mac and PC."