First 4 Figures Announces New Dark Souls Statues

First 4 Figures launched pre-orders for two new collectible statues from the Dark Souls series this week. One of them is the Dragon Slayer Ornstein SD statue modeled after the character’s appearance in the original Dark Souls game while the other is the Old Dragonslayer SD featuring the Old Dragonslayer boss from Dark Souls II. Each of the figures is available to pre-order now for $99.99 each with a unique bundle offered that combines both of them into one package with all the products scheduled to ship in Q1 2021.

For those who’ve been keeping up with First 4 Figures’ Dark Souls collection that looks like these statues found below, you’ll know that these two are the latest of an ongoing set of SD collectibles. Solaire of Astora and Artorias of the Abyss came before Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Old Dragonslayer, and while they all have their unique differences inspired by the characters’ in-game appearances, they share similarities between their designs.

For those who need a refresher, Dragon Slayer Ornstein was the swift, lightning-wielding boss players fight in Dark Souls. He’s teamed up with Executioner Smough, and once players defeat the hammer-smashing enemy first, Ornstein absorbs the fallen comrade’s power and gains new moves. It’s this part of the boss fight that the Dragon Slayer Ornstein statue is modeled after.

Old Dragonslayer on the other hand is a bit less straightforward than Dragon Slayer Ornstein. The enemy resides in the Blue Cathedral in Dark Souls II and though much of him and his combat style resembles Dragon Slayer Ornstein, the convoluted nature of Dark Souls lore and mysteries has left his true identity unknown. Players have their theories on whether he is or isn’t Dragon Slayer Ornstein, but either way, the Old Dragonslayer makes for an impressive statue.

The $99.99 Exclusive Editions of the Dark Souls statues available through First 4 Figures’ site come with the statues themselves, bases inspired by the settings where you’d encounter the characters, lighting effects, a premium box they come in , and authentication cards legitimizing the statues. For those who want both of the statues, there’s also a Combo Edition option that includes both for $189.99. Standard Editions will be sold through local retailers and do not come with the LED functions, the premium box, or the authentication card.