Fortnite Leak Hints at a First-Person Mode

Epic Games may be working on some sort of first-person experience in Fortnite according to new info found via datamining efforts. Evidence of such a mode was found in the game's files, evidence which culminated in what appears to be an early take on a first-person match in Fortnite. Epic Games naturally has neither confirmed nor hinted at any plans to add such a mode to Fortnite, and based on the info available, there's reason to believe any such mode may still be some time away.

Fortnite leaker and dataminer HYPEX shared the screenshot below this week after digging through the game's files. The first evidence of a first-person mode was said to have been added in the most recent update, the same one that kicked off the game's newest season and revealed skins like the one for Indiana Jones and for Spider-Man.

Though it's expanded to become much more than just a battle royale game by now, first-person and third-person modes in shooters are pretty common pairings even if the emphasis is place on one rather than the other, so it wouldn't be unseemly to imagine Fortnite getting this mode as a limited-time or permanent experience. If anything, it's surprising that it's taken this long to add such a mode or at least to begin work on it.

As HYPEX pointed out, this kind of a perspective in Fortnite might work well with the game's new Zero Build experience added not long ago. One could imagine how much of a pain trying to build in Fortnite would be if you were doing so from a first-person perspective, but if there's no building at all, a first-person view suddenly becomes much more manageable. That's not to say Epic Games wouldn't put first-person mode in with building enabled as a limited-time experience, but of the two options, Zero Build seems like the more compatible fit.


That's all just speculation for now, however, given that Epic Games hasn't announced anything just yet. We'll hear of that first-person announcement in the future if such a mode is indeed planned, but we'll likely see more of these datamines and leaks in the meantime as more work is done within the game's files.