Fortnite: Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Rumored for Season 5

Some assets supposedly originating from Fortnite's Season 5 have surfaced online to show that the next season will apparently be getting some more Star Wars cosmetics courtesy of The Mandalorian. The two images in question which were said to be added to Fortnite's files in a recent update show that star of The Mandalorian Din Djarin flanked by the now iconic Baby Yoda at his side. It's thought currently that this main skin featuring the bounty hunter will be a secret battle pass cosmetic for Season 5, but with the few images being the extent of the information now, nothing has been confirmed.

Twitter user and Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi was one of several Fortnite followers who shared the image below that showed the typical preview of new seasons with the game's name floating above several skins players will have access to during any given season. For this image in particular, the character in the foreground is apparently none other than The Mandalorian himself with Baby Yoda at his side in the pod that The Child uses.

Another image shared online showed a similar appearance by the skin, though in this one, it was worked into the assets for the new Fortnite subscription service which Epic Games just confirmed. The image showed both the main skin from The Mandalorian as well as the Baby Yoda cosmetic above the symbol for the Battle Pass stars which indicated that this skin will likely indeed be one of the Battle Pass cosmetics players can work towards. Early speculations have imagined the Baby Yoda cosmetic being a Back Bling that can be affixed to the back of The Mandalorian skin or any other skin players choose, but those suggestions are of course just theories at this time.

Whether the entire season will be themed around Star Wars as the current one was with Marvel or if it will be its own original season with a Star Wars cameo remains to be seen. At least one starry skin, a cosmetic with futuristic armor, and the Star Wars skin all seen together certainly look like they're working towards some sort of space theme, but we at least won't have to wait much longer to see what's planned for next season. The Galactus event for the current season of Fortnite is going down on December 1st, so we'll see what's planned for the next season shortly after that if we don't get more leaks like this before.