Fortnite: New Map Revealed

Fortnite has undergone quite a lot of changes in recent hours, after the in-game event used to cap off Season 10 sent the game plunging into a digital black hole. Some had speculated that the event (and the massive "outage" that followed) was an avenue for the game to spawn a brand-new map -- and it looks like it delivered. Fortnite has since come back online, and it spawned some pretty significant changes to the Battle Royale map that fans have gotten used to for the past two years. You can check out a photo of the new layout below.

The new map was set in motion by the "The End" event, which was scheduled to occur on early Sunday afternoon. Those who were in the game (or watching via a livestream) saw a rocket being launched into the sky, sending a meteor and smaller rockets crashing down onto the map. This ultimately culminated in a black hole literally swallowing up the map, as well as players inside the game or in its lobby. What ensued from there was a graphic of a black hole onscreen, which fans paid close attention to and were befuddled by in the hours that followed. The game's official social media account, as well as its presence on the streaming platform Twitch, were essentially wiped clean shortly after, making things even more ominous.

Check out the new map in the tweet below!

The new Fortnite map requires players to visit locations in order to see them on the map, as revealed in the progression shown in the screenshot below.

Many had speculated that the black hole was a graphic representation of Fortnite's several hours of "downtime", or time for the game to be offline before pushing a significant update or new season of content. In the past, the game's "downtime" has occurred in the wee hours of the morning for American players, with fans only needing to wait until their device updates to check out the new content. The fact that the downtime occurred during the day on a Sunday - when a lot of players would probably be logging on to play - made "The End" feel even more significant for Fortnite fans.


It remains to be seen how players will respond to this new map, especially after the previous map was overhauled in some unexpected and controversial ways in subsequent seasons. Ultimately, fans will just have to get in and start playing to find out.

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