Funko Reveals Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones Game

Funko has already brought some of your favorite DC characters to their hit Funkoverse line, but many have been wondering when Marvel's heroes would make the jump. While we're still waiting on that answer, Funko has indeed brought some of the coolest Marvel characters to the tabletop in the form of a new game titled Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones, which will release in June at Target. Marvel Battleworld incorporates micro collectible characters that you unlock through Battle Balls, and you'll be utilizing battle cards and dice to take down Thanos and his Black Order. The game will be accompanied by animated shorts to show Thanos' plan, which you can get a taste of in the trailer above.

The game will have you purchasing new heroes in a Battle Ball, which will include two heroes, hero cards, battle cards, and dice. The heroes will include Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Groot, Gamora, and more.

“We are thrilled that Marvel has chosen to expand the Funko collaboration to engage their younger fans with a new category of products and animation collaboration,” said Brian Mariotti, Chief Executive Officer of Funko. “Funko enters the toy aisle for the first time with a product offering of tremendous value. In addition to two micro-collectible characters inside the Battle Ball, the child can battle independently or team up with friends to defeat Thanos through gameplay. This kind of product assortment is both what kids want and what retailers are keen to offer parents.”

(Photo: Funko)

You can find the official description of Marvel Battleworld below.

"The new adventure game, based on the Marvel Universe, combines micro collectible characters, cards and gaming, allowing kids to battle against Thanos in gameplay unleashed through a Battle Ball. Each Battle Ball contains a surprise of two Marvel collectible characters, Hero Cards, Battle Cards and pair of dice, all for a highly accessible price point. Players can collect Marvel micro heroes ranging from icons like Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Groot, as well as characters like Valkyrie Gamora and Throg."

(Photo: Funko)

“Battleworld offers kids a completely new way to play and interact with the Marvel brand and universe of characters they know and love.” said Paul Gitter, SVP, Marvel Licensing. “The innovative tabletop gaming plus action-packed storytelling gives kids an immersive experience that’s fresh for the Marvel Brand.”

(Photo: Funko)

Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones hits Targets this June.

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