God of War Director Might Be Teasing a New Game

Cory Barlog, the director of the most recent God of War game, is up to something on Twitter that has his followers wondering if we’ll be seeing some sort of game announcement soon. Some cryptic messages shared on the platform appear to be hinting at a game or project being announced, though it’s been theorized that Barlog could also be building up to a more personal announcement pertaining to his role within Sony Santa Monica.

The tweet that set off all this speculation about Barlog’s potential announcements can be seen below. The director of the 2018 God of War shared a tweet consisting of a few dots and dashes and some text that said “END TRANSMISSION.” This message understandably left Barlog’s followers confused as they tried to figure out what he was trying to say.

While this tweet alone could just be evidence of someone goofing around and having fun with their followers, other parts of Barlog’s Twitter profile have also been changed to indicate something might actually be happening. His profile picture is now a satellite while his cover photo appears to be a starry background.

According to Gematsu and others who have apparently deciphered the codes hidden in the messages, the dots and dashes in the tweet translate to “SIE” from Morse Code. Barlog’s updated Twitter bio similarly says “55HSIE.”

Speculations about what Barlog might be teasing followed swiftly after these cryptic messages were noticed. Given that “SIE” probably is a reference to “Sony Interactive Entertainment,” some have speculated that Barlog might be taking on a new role. Barlog certainly would not be the first person within Sony and PlayStation to make such a transition.


The other guesses that’d potentially be more exciting for those who enjoy Sony Santa Monica’s works suggest that a new game might be in the works from the studio. They’re certainly working on something as could be assumed with any studio at any given time, but there’s been no word on what that might be. Most people have assumed it would be a sequel to the latest God of War, but since a space Kratos adventure seems unlikely, perhaps there’s something else that’s being worked on. People also recalled that Sony Santa Monica was allegedly working on a sci-fi RPG at some point before that game was said to have been cancelled.

Barlog is pretty active on Twitter and often voices support for ideas here and there such as one day having God of War on the PC, so there’s a chance we could here more about this soon. There’s an equal chance though that this could all a few innocent actions that people ran with and equated to a new game announcement, so we’ll have to see which outcome unfolds.