Fake God of War Game Briefly Releases on Xbox

After years of requests from fans, the God of War series has finally come to Xbox -- well, sort of. Within the past week, a fake God of War game entitled War Gods Zeus of Child ended up quietly releasing on Xbox platforms. And while this title isn't directly associated with PlayStation's God of War franchise in any manner whatsoever, that didn't keep the creators from blatantly putting the main protagonist from the series, Kratos, in the middle of the action. 

In short, War Gods Zeus of Child can hardly be described as a real game. The title merely sees Kratos, who resembles his appearance from 2018's God of War, flailing around his Leviathan Axe to deal damage to random creatures that approach him in a bland coliseum environment. Kratos himself has no walking animations and the only point of the game is to strike these monsters as a way of increasing your overall score. Clearly, the project was poorly put together by developer Dolaka Ltd. merely as a way of getting Kratos to come to Xbox in some capacity. 

You can get a look at War Gods Zeus of Child's gameplay in the video attached below. 

At this point in time, War Gods Zeus of Child has been taken down from the Xbox store which means that it's no longer available to be purchased. While the reason for this removal hasn't been made apparent, clearly, the game is making a rather massive copyright violation by putting Kratos at the center of this title without PlayStation's approval. Whether or not Sony was the one to demand the removal of War Gods Zeus of Child from the Microsoft Store isn't known, but it seems like a likely conclusion. 

When it comes to real God of War games, Sony is gearing up to release God of War Ragnarok later this year on November 9th. Unlike War Gods Zeus of Child, though, Ragnarok won't be coming to Xbox and will instead solely be available to play on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. 


[H/T Eurogamer]