Godfall Game Reveals PS5 Box Art

Gearbox and Counterplay Games unveiled the box artwork for their upcoming Godfall game this week to show a sleek, armor-clad lineup of characters under the white PlayStation 5 banner that’ll apparently be at the top of every game case. The unveiling of the box art follows the initial reveal by Sony of the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales artwork that was the first PlayStation 5 box art we’d seen at all. This follow-up to the first reveal will hopefully set a trend for us seeing more artwork for games that have already been confirmed for the PlayStation 5.

The artwork for the game was revealed on Twitter via the official Godfall account. Like the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales art seen previously, it’s headlined by the new white banner at the top of the case that features the PlayStation 5 logo in black.

You can see the artwork for Godfall below as well as a look at the game’s fantasy setting and its playable classes outfitted with their own unique armors and weapons.

Though we’ve only seen two examples of the PlayStation 5 box art so far, the white banner at the top has been the part of the box that people have gravitated to so far. It’s a change from the PlayStation 4 artwork that instead features a blue banner at the top with a white PlayStation logo on it. The white mirrors the aesthetic we’ve seen so far after the reveal of the PlayStation 5 console itself and the DualSense controller, both of which will apparently only come in white at launch based on what Sony has shown us so far. Not everyone’s on board with the new look of the box art yet, but not everyone was on board with the all-white PlayStation 5 console either.


People have also pointed out there was no “Only on PlayStation” disclaimer on the box art that would typically declare a game to be an exclusive, but that was always to be the case in Godfall’s situation. Though this was the first PlayStation 5 game Sony ever confirmed, it’s also coming to the PC platform. It’ll be released on the PCs via the Epic Games Store at the same time that it launches for the PlayStation 5.

Godfall does not yet have a release date, but it’s scheduled to release for the PlayStation 5 and PC some time during Holiday 2020.