New GTA Online DLC Leaked by Grand Theft Auto Leaker

Rockstar Games is reportedly working on new GTA Online DLC under the codename of DLC Pack 1, which, of course, is a placeholder. When this DLC will be revealed or released, the report in question does not say, but we do have some details about what to expect. Like most DLC updates, players should expect lots of new vehicles. 

According to the report, which comes from a well-known leaker over on the GTA Forums, there will be 26 new vehicle slots. As it's been pointed out, it's 26 slots because 10-car garages have three extra slots reserved for bicycles. In other words, this likely means that you get to buy 2 more apartments/garages.

What else is there going to be? Well, the report claims two new rifles will be added, one being a "tactical rifle" and the other something under the codename "PRCSRIFLE." 

The report continues by claiming that there will be new skydiving activities, which are said to be connected to a new "skydive" collectible. There will also be another new activity "outside of San Andreas." The leaker uses vagueness here as a hint.

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the report. Interestingly, the leaker teases that "more info will likely be shared here as we are getting closer to release," but it may not be by them, suggesting there are at least two people with access to this information. It's quite possible the Tez2 is within this group -- the source when it comes to Rockstar Games -- given they shared the information. 

All of that said, remember to take everything here with a grain of salt as none of this is official information. It's all unofficial and subject to change. Per usual, Rockstar Games has opted not to comment on any of this or even acknowledge it. We don't suspect this will change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things Grand Theft Auto, click here.