GTA 6 Rumor Leaks Major GTA 4 Surprise in the Game

If a new GTA 6 rumor is accurate, there's a big GTA 4 surprise in the game, plus potentially an equally big surprise for GTA 5 fans. According to the leaker, two major characters -- one from each game -- are set to return in the next Grand Theft Auto game on PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. One of these two characters is Niko Belic, the protagonist of GTA 4 who is mentioned in GTA 5, but doesn't actually show up in the game. It's not 100 percent clear if this will change with the GTA 6 cameo.

"Niko Bellic was never caught for his crimes. Stories of 'The Serb' are still told in Liberty City occasionally, plenty of news articles mention him, and there's even a nostalgic documentary about him," says the leaker. "The actions of GTA 4 cause gigantic power shifts in the criminal underworld and the weakening of almost every faction over the course of the game paves the way for the Von Crastenburg family to grow so quickly."

The other character who could be set to return according to the leaker is Michael De Santa, one of the three protagonists of GTA 5. The leaker claims the actor behind the character, Ned Luke, has been working with Rockstar Games. There are rumors Michael is going to star in the next big GTA Online update, so it's possible this is why the pair are working together, but the leaker claims there's more going on.

"Most likely it's in the form of a GTA Online DLC, but it's also very possible he could be producing a movie in Vice City. It could be both. We'll have to wait and see," said the leaker of the character's potential return in GTA 6.

All of this information comes the way of GTA_VI_Leak over on Reddit, who has gained some recognition after leaking Dr Dre's involvement in The Contract DLC. Of course, it should all be taken with a grain of salt. Not only is it unofficial, but it's seemingly laced with speculation. At the moment of publishing, Rockstar Games has not addressed this rumor in any capacity. We will update the story if this changes.