GTA 6 Mystery Gains Credibility Following GTA Online's UFO Halloween Event

An old Grand Theft Auto VI mystery may have some new credibility following the debut of a new GTA Online Halloween event. Rockstar Games fans have been waiting for GTA 6 for nearly a decade. Grand Theft Auto V released in 2013 and was coming out just ahead of the Xbox One and PS4, meaning it was restricted to what could be done on Xbox 360 and PS3. Of course, the later versions would expand the game with new content, locations, and visual overhauls, but there's a night and day difference between something like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. People want to see what a new GTA game looks like now with that untapped potential and borderline unlimited resources Rockstar has following its immense success. The developer has confirmed the game is on the way and we even got a look at it via some leaks last month, but many want to see a proper trailer, screenshot, or get some other concrete details.

Well, it could be coming soon if an old rumor holds any weight. In August, reputable GTA insider Tez2 took to GTAForums and posted something about UFOs coming to GTA Online in October and suggested it could tie together with a GTA 6 mystery. Tez even said when to expect their arrival and so far, has been pretty spot on. Earlier this week, the UFOs began to arrive in GTA Online as part of a Halloween update. Apparently, this will be an ongoing event with different kinds of UFOs appearing throughout the month and Tez suggested it could go back to the mysterious photo that was found in the remastered GTA trilogy that released in 2021. There was a photo of a UFO floating over a house in what appears to be Florida inside of a UFO bar in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The photo is not in the original game and has caused many to speculate that it is the first official image of the next game. It's speculated that this UFO event could lead to a larger reveal for GTA 6 as time goes on, but it's still a bit of a mystery. It's already been speculated by fans that GTA 6 will be revealed this month or in early November due to the imminent anniversaries of the first Grand Theft Auto game and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. As of right now, it's all just one big conspiracy theory, though.

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