Grand Theft Auto Fans Divided Over "Leaked" GTA 6 Map

Grand Theft Auto fans are divided over the newly 'leaked' GTA 6 map. Not only are fans divided [...]

Grand Theft Auto fans are divided over the newly "leaked" GTA 6 map. Not only are fans divided over the credibility of the leak, but the implications if the leak is true. Earlier this month a leak made the rounds within the Grand Theft Auto community as it revealed what is supposedly the map of GTA 6, or at least a prototype of the map. On the surface level, the leaked map looked plausible enough to pass the sniff test, but it came the way on an anonymous source over on 4chan. While the forum has provided some of the biggest leaks in gaming history, it also regularly produces bollocks, which is why it immediately caused so much division.

Since then, a Reddit user has taken the map and compared it to the size of GTA 5's map, revealing a map comparable in size. Naturally, this divided the Grand Theft Auto community even more. For some, this was the most telltale sign yet that the map was fake. Meanwhile, others are disappointed about the possibility of GTA 6 having a map similar in scale to the map of GTA 5.

For now, there's no way to validate or invalidate the leak. That said, when it comes to leaks, it's fake until proven real, so be sure to take the map with a huge grain of salt. In the meantime, you can check out the aforementioned comparison below:

"I'd be disappointed if it was real because it still follows the same map blueprint as V and I didn't like that there was only one city for the whole island," reads a top and skeptical comment. "I mean it's not bad but this is literally the size of a map scaled-down and built for 2005 hardware. We can do so much better!"

"I'm fine with that as long as it's really detailed and there's a lot more stuff to do than in V," reads another top comment. "Plus we still have other islands anyway."

As the second comment points out, based on previous leaks and rumors -- some of which are directly connected to this new leak -- there are going to be multiple islands in the game, so this may not be very indicative of the game's actual size, but again this is also assuming all of this isn't straight nonsense.

Of course, Rockstar Games could squash the leak, plus the speculation and division it's causing, with a comment, but we don't expect this to happen. If it does though, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.