New GTA Online Update Released, Here's What It Does

A new week of deals and bonuses has come to Grand Theft Auto Online this week, this time with a focus on vehicles and races. The latest update is “honoring the legacy of the Weeny Issi” and has therefore taken much of the price off of various Issi vehicles. If you participate in Issi Classic Races, you can also get triple the rewards and show off your appreciation for the brand with some free gear. The update also came with a reminder that players only have a few more days to play the game to qualify for a free gift of GTA$500,000.

Kicked off on Thursday, the latest GTA Online bonuses found in this update were outlined on the Rockstar Newswire as they typically are. To get yourself a new ride, you can pick up any Issi model vehicle for 50% off right now and can win one from The Diamond Casino & Resort’s Lucky Wheel. After you get one, take it for a spin in certain races to get more rewards than usual.

“Issi Classic Races are dishing out Triple Rewards, while everybody who plays GTA Online anytime this week can telegraph their allegiance to the brand everywhere they go with the in-game Weeny Tee added to their wardrobe – free of charge,” Rockstar said about this week’s bonuses.

The Imponte Deluxo, Truffade Nero, Vysser Neo, and Declasse Mamba are all also on sale for 40% off while the Progen PR4 and HVY Brickade are 30% off each. To help fund those purchases, you can take part in Madrazo Dispatch and Lamar’s Lowrider to earn twice the GTA$ for a limited time.

Aside from just completing this week’s missions that are offering bonus rewards, one of the easiest ways to get a lot of money is just to play the game once before a certain date. Rockstar is still giving away a quick GTA$500,000 to all players, but only if you play before a certain date.


“Don’t forget to play GTA Online before May 31st for a one-time gift of GTA$500,000,” Rockstar reminded players. “The GTA$ will be automatically sent to your Maze Bank Account within seven days.”

These sorts of bonuses happen weekly in GTA Online, so if there’s nothing your interested in here, be sure to check back next week to see what’s new.