New Halo Infinite Artwork Revealed Ahead of Xbox Event

Some new Halo Infinite artwork was shown off this week ahead of Xbox's big plans for June where the company will hold a games showcase event showing off its upcoming works. The artwork shows a number of different Spartans squaring up alongside each other with each of them wearing unique armors with different weapons and customizations. We're supposed to see Halo Infinite in a few weeks at the Xbox event taking place this summer, so it won't be long now before we get to see more than just artwork.

This image itself appears to be the full version of the teaser Xbox shared back when it confirmed the June 13th date for its joint conference with Bethesda. We only saw the upper-right portion of that image with the rest of it edited to tease the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase event, but the Xbox-focused Twitter user Klobrille shared the image in full this week. The Twitter user didn't specify how they'd obtained the image, but they've been reliable in the past about things related to Xbox, and they replied in a tweet to someone asking about its source to suggest that it was official.

We know we'll see Halo Infinite at the event given that it was used in the promo artwork and that it'd be bewildering to see one of Xbox's biggest annual events go by with no Halo, but it's unclear what, exactly, we'll get from the event. A trailer at least and some gameplay seem likely along with some details on multiplayer features, the campaign, and other parts of the game. Halo hopefuls will be betting on a release date for the game and announcements of a beta or at least some opportunity to try the game. Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries teased earlier in the year that people would be able to try the game themselves at some point during the test flights the developer likes to run. Back in April, the developer teased that people would see more than just screenshots soon enough.

"While I hope you enjoyed this month's 1,000-word screenshots, we know that game videos are worth at least 10,000 words," said 343 Industries in April. "And the great news is that Summer i.e., game industry event season, is just around the corner—and there are glorious plans afoot.


Halo Infinite is supposed to launch some time during Fall 2021 but does not yet have an official release date.