Halo Infinite Leaker Makes Big Claim About Multiplayer

According to a new leak, Halo Infinite will boast not one, not five, not 10, not 20, but 23 multiplayer maps at launch, which, for those counting, is three more than Call of Duty: Vanguard and a very impressive number, if true, and for now it's important to emphasize the "if true" part. Right now, this news hasn't been confirmed, but it has been making the rounds after a dataminer claimed as much. 

Over on Twitter, Halo Infinite dataminer Surasia recently claimed there will be 23 mutliplayer maps at launch, which is considerably more than Halo 5 had at release.That said, it's unclear how the dataminer came across this information. You'd assume it's derived from the files of the game, but for now, this is just an assumption.

Further, it remains to be seen how these 23 maps will be divided up across multiple modes. 23 is a lot of maps, but depending on how they are divided up, the number may not feel this large for players unless they are engaging with all modes and variants. 

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how reputable and reliable the source is, but the information is being picked up by many. As always, as the situation develops, we will update the story accordingly, regardless of whether or not said updates are salient.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release on December 8 via the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. For more coverage on the 343 Industries-developed sci-fi first-person shooter, click here.


"When all hope is lost and humanity's fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he's ever faced," reads an official pitch of the game. "Step inside the armor of humanity's greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and explore the massive scale of the Halo ring."