Xbox Teams Up With Waze for New Halo Infinite Theme

Xbox and Waze have teamed up for the navigation app's first gaming-themed crossover with Halo Infinite content now available to use. This comes through the addition of a new Halo theme within the Waze app that changes things like the icon used to represent a driver's car as well as the voices that navigate people on their drives. The new Halo Infinite content in Waze is free, too, and can be experienced now through just a few quick steps.

For those who've used different themes through Waze before, you'll already have an idea of how this Halo Infinite collab works. For those who haven't, you'll first have to download the Waze navigation app and then head to the "My Waze" section. You'll find a Halo option there which will change your display and audio output to feature characters and designs from the new Halo game. What you see will depend on whether or not you choose the UNSC or the Banished factions.

"Upon selecting the Halo theme, drivers can choose their side: the UNSC or the Banished," an overview of the new Waze theme said. "Those siding with humanity and the UNSC will have their in-app car replaced with the Warthog and will have their trip navigated by none other than the Master Chief himself, and even select him as their Waze profile 'Mood.' Drivers embracing their more rebellious side can choose the Banished, Halo Infinite's enemy faction. They'll have their in-app car replaced with a Ghost, get their navigation audio from the Banished war chief, Escharum, and an Escharum "Mood" to let others on the road know which side they've chosen."

The crossover won't be one available in perpetuity, however. The Xbox Wire post about the Halo Infinite content in Waze said that this would only be available for a limited time, so get in some Waze trips with Halo Infinite while you can before the content is removed.


This latest promotion is one of several that Halo Infinite has gotten in the long buildup ahead of the game's release. It also follows the conclusion of the first Halo Infinite technical preview which allowed people to go hands-on with the game. That same preview also leaked plenty of details pertaining to Halo Infinite to be enjoyed by those who aren't too particularly about spoilers.