Halo Infinite Technical Preview Footage Shows Off Full Multiplayer Match

While Halo Infinite players can finally get their hands on the game on Thursday now that the date [...]

While Halo Infinite players can finally get their hands on the game on Thursday now that the date of the first technical preview has arrived, not everyone will be able to try the game out. Those who didn't get selected to be in the first preview will have to wait, but you won't have to wait to see what a multiplayer match looks like. Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries shared a preview of the preview on Wednesday ahead of the first test's start to show what a full multiplayer match looks like in the new Halo game.

You can check out the multiplayer preview below if you missed it during the initial stream shared on Wednesday. What's being played is a 4v4 Slayer match in Halo Infinite with the footage in question coming from an Xbox Series X. The match itself could've gone on for longer since there was more time left, but it ended early with a bit under five minutes remaining on the timer after one of the teams scored enough kills to win.

Brian Jarrard, Halo Infinite's community director, and Tom French, the associate creative director for multiplayer, provided commentary throughout the gameplay. You can see players using some of the longstanding Halo weapons like the Battle Rifle and the Needler while employing some of Halo Infinite's new features.

Though people will be getting into the Halo Infinite technical previews this weekend to see more of the game, it'll be a while longer before we get to see experiences like this firsthand. That's because the first technical preview will feature bots among other non-PvP arrangements for players to try first.

"We're going to kick things off with the lowest skill level of Bots on a single map to help everyone get acclimated and ease into the experience," 343 Industries said about the new bots feature being added to Halo Infinite. "If the community can collectively help us hit our daily engagement goals over the course of the flight, we'll increase the Bots' skill and add more maps. The more bots you slay, the more the experience will evolve! They'll get more deadly with each update – so, dive in early and often to make sure you've got a handle on what skills they're bringing to the battlefield."

Halo Infinite's first technical preview begins on July 29th with more tests to come in the future. Content creators and anyone else who gets into the preview can share their gameplay and experiences, so expect to see plenty of Halo Infinite footage online soon.