Halo Showtime Series Reportedly Makes Major Changes to Master Chief's Storyline

The script for the pilot episode of Showtime’s Halo series has reportedly been looked over by an outlet to reveal some key differences in the series’ version of Master Chief and the world around him compared to what we know from the games. The Illuminerdi said it had the opportunity to check out the script for the pilot and took note of some of the most significant changes spotted within. Everything in a script could very well change before we actually see the show since it doesn’t have a release date though, so it’s best to not get too hung up on the details until we know the plans for sure.

It should go without saying then that the following insights from the script will contain spoilers assuming they do play out as the script showed, so if you want to go into the Halo series fresh without knowing anything, it’d be best to avoid any previews of the show via script or other means.

Getting one of the biggest game-to-TV changes out of the way, it’s been reported that the script supposedly has Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) taking off his helmet at one point. We’ve heard hints of what Master Chief might look like without his helmet on courtesy of those integral to Halo’s creation, but despite the many guesses and fan artwork attempting to show what he’d look like with no helmet, we still haven’t seen it.

According to what was seen in the script, the reveal of Master Chief’s face happens during the climax of the pilot. In order to gain the trust of another character named Quan Ah, Master Chief takes off his helmet to convince her of his intentions while he tries to save her. It’s a major deviation from what we know about Halo, and it’s apparently happening at the start of the series.


Other details revealed through a peek at the script showed that Master Chief wasn’t the only Spartan featured in the pilot. Master Chief was never truly the sole surviving Spartan despite the legendary status built up around the character during his story, so while this doesn’t give us an exact point in time for when this series will take place, it shows that other Spartans at least exist around him. It was also said that Miranda Keyes (Olive Gray) would adopt more of a scientific role in the series as opposed to the version of her character we know from the games.

Again, all of this could very well change before the first episode makes its debut. The show is currently in production but doesn’t have a release date, so it may be a while before we see what’s to come of Master Chief, his no-helmet look, and other details mentioned in the script.