Halo TV Series: Episode 5 "Reckoning" Recap

Once again, Halo's fifth episode, "Reckoning," begins with a flashback showing Master Chief (John) as a child. The moment that we are shown this time around gives us a glimpse of Halsey's first time seeing John. During a visit to a school with her partner, Jacob Keyes, Halsey witnesses John save another child from falling from a great height. It's implied that this is when she first believes that John could be special and could take part in the Spartan program. 

In the present time period, the UNSC has now descended upon Eridanus II and is looking to recover the artifact that Master Chief and Halsey discovered at the end of the previous episode. Jacob and Miranda Keyes, along with Kai, have also now made their way to Eridanus II as well to help with this move. As a whole, the UNSC is fearful that the Covenant will attack while they're trying to complete this removal process. 

Master Chief pulls Kai aside while on Eridanus II after realizing that she has removed her emotional inhibitor. Chief tells her that because of her actions, she's unable to take part in any fights that may occur. Kai calls Chief out as a hypocrite, and Cortana ends up agreeing with her.

On Madrigal, Kwan and Soren are still trying to keep a low profile after escaping the town. Soren ends up handcuffing Kwan to a motorcycle to ensure that she can't leave and go cause more trouble. Kwan ends up breaking free through the cuffs and escapes. 

Master Chief speaks to Jacob and tells him about what he has learned about his past involving Halsey. Concerned by what he has heard, Jacob takes this information to Halsey and the higher-ups at the UNSC. Concerned that Chief could be unstable, the UNSC says that he needs to be kept in check. Halsey then proceeds to blackmail the UNSC in pursuit of remaining in control of the situation on her own terms. 

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Meanwhile at the dig site, UNSC scientists happen to break an outer shell that is holding the artifact. The artifact proceeds to let out a loud screech that causes damage to the surrounding area. This noise is then heard by Makee and her Covenant troops who are currently residing on Madrigal. Thanks to this signal, Makee then knows where the location of the second artifact is.

Despite Halsey's previous orders, Chief ends up deciding to interact with the second artifact. After he does, he sees another flashback from his childhood that shows Halsey and the UNSC kidnapping John as a child. Halsey appears after Chief sees this vision and tells him that she'll explain everything as soon as they return to Reach. Master Chief instead decides to try and attack Halsey but then has his body shut down by Cortana. 

Chief ends up waking up and is trying to come to terms with the realization that Cortana has control over his body. Before he can dwell on the thought for long, though, the Covenant arrive on Eridanus II and proceed to attack the UNSC in large numbers. Halsey orders Master Chief and the members of Silver Team to escort the artifact to a nearby shuttle. In the midst of the attack, Kai ends up letting her guard down and is overwhelmed by Covenant soldiers. Despite Halsey's orders to do otherwise, Chief ends up saving Kai, or at least it seems so. However, the artifact itself gets stolen by the Covenant. 

After the battle goes in their favor, the Covenant end up ejecting Makee from their ship for an unknown reason. Makee lands on the battlefield and is approached by Master Chief, who removes his helmet and looks down upon her as she passes out on the ground. 


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