Halo Season 2: Fear the Walking Dead Co-EP Could Be New Showrunner

The second season of the Halo TV series could already be in the works. At this point in time, Paramount+ hasn't officially renewed the forthcoming show based on the Halo video game franchise for another set of episodes just yet. However, according to a new report that has now emerged, one of the executive producers behind AMC's Fear the Walking Dead is now said to be in talks to helm the series moving forward if a second season does transpire. 

Coming from Variety, David Wiener is currently in discussions to take over Halo in the future if the show does get renewed for Season 2. The news comes by way of Justin Falvey, who is one of the executive producers at Amblin Entertainment. For those unaware, Amblin is the production company that has filmed the first season of Halo. While Wiener is one of the names in the mix to potentially lead Halo in the future, he's reportedly not the only one that is in talks to take over in the future. 

As a whole, Halo is in a bit of an unusual spot at the moment when it comes to showrunners, which is why Wiener is being considered for the position in the future. Originally, Steven Kane and Kyle Killen were the lead producers behind Halo when the show first started production a few years back. However, Killen eventually departed before filming on Season 1 even began. Since that time, Kane made it clear that he would only be staying on with the project to see through its inaugural season. So even if Halo does have a future outside of its first slate of episodes, someone like Wiener will need to step in and take command. 

For now, Halo is set to finally make its debut next month when it releases on Paramount+ on March 24. Prior to that time, if you'd like to check out the latest trailer for the series, you can view it at the top of the page. 


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