Hideo Kojima Wants to Make A "Revolutionary" Horror Game That Makes You "Poop Your Pants"

Hideo Kojima wants to make a "revolutionary" horror game that doesn't make you peep your pants, but poop 'em. Since Death Stranding released last year and Kojima proved once again he can predict the future, the Japanese visionary has been talking about his next game, and has hinted here and there it could be a horror game. In fact, right around the release of Death Stranding, Kojima revealed he has new ideas for a horror game, and then revealed how he's preparing to make a horror title. Again, it seems like Kojima's next game will be a horror game, but for now, the legendary director has not confirmed this.

That said, during a recent interview with BAFTA, Kojima noted that not only would he love to return to the genre after his promising Silent Hills game got canned by Konami, but that he can create an especially terrifying game because he's scared of everything. In other words, he gets what really scares people.

"I'm easily frightened myself, so I have confidence that I could create something more terrifying than perhaps others could," said Kojima. "I get frightened of things like darkness and imagine shadows of ghosts in the dark."

According to Kojima, if he's going to make a horror game, it's going to have to do something special and use a revolutionary method to create terror. For Kojima, the goal isn't to get the player to pee their pants, but poop them. Unfortunately for your pants, it sounds like Kojima already has ideas on how to do this.

"P.T. ended as just an experiment, but I would like to make another horror game someday," said Kojima. "Something that uses a revolutionary method to create terror, that doesn't just make you pee your pants, but crap them. I already have ideas in mind."

Again, it's unclear what Kojima has cooking at the moment, but it sounds like it could be a horror game or at least a game with horror elements. According to a new report from last month, this new game may be a resurrected version of his Silent Hills game, but for now, this is nothing more than rumors.

While we wait for Kojima's next game, be sure to check out his current one, Death Stranding, which is available on PS4, and coming to PC soon. It's really good.


"Most big-budget games just don't take risks these days. With Death Stranding, Kojima has taken one million risks, and virtually all of them pay off," reads a snippet from our official review of Death Stranding. "Like the box art says, it's 'a Hideo Kojima game,' and there's nothing else quite like it."

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