Hideo Kojima Reviews Spider-Man: Homecoming

kojima review

Kojima and I were both pretty late to hop on the Spider-Man: Homecoming bandwagon. Once you see a great movie, though, all you want to do is talk about it. After seeing Homecoming, Kojima-san took to Twitter to offer his two cents, and you know what? He actually had some pretty thoughtful insights into the film, and seemed impressed on multiple levels.

Like most of you, and like most critics, Kojima believes that Spider-Man: Homecoming works really well as a superhero film and as a coming of age film. Soon after its debut, the sentiment about Homecoming that seemed to spread was "come for the Spider-Man, and stay for the Peter Parker." Tom Holland has rocketed into the limelight as one of our favorite stars, and we have to wonder if it isn't because of his portrayal of Peter Parker more than his portrayal of Spidey.

But Kojima didn't stop there. He just had to gush. He followed up with another tweet:

"He grows up thru friendship, love, family and the structures of society. It succeeds very good independent start although belonging to MCU." Kojima is a world-renowned storyteller, and you can see that this story had a powerful effect on him. The producer and director for Homecoming should be quite honored by Kojima's observations. He was struck by how dynamic Parker's character turned out to be, growing and evolving in a believable way in a short amount of time. He thinks that this is the start of something really special, not only as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but for this branch of the Spider-Man canon on its own.


Who would have thought that Kojima would turn out to be such a comic book nerd? We eagerly await his impressions on Justice League. We'll keep you posted.