New 'Hitman 2' Roadmap Revealed

IO Interactive revealed a new roadmap for Hitman 2 to outline its plans for March that include [...]

IO Interactive revealed a new roadmap for Hitman 2 to outline its plans for March that include another Elusive Target, contracts, and more.

Hitman 2 appears to have a lot in store for players throughout the month, and some of that content has already begun with Barbara Elizabeth Keating, also known as "The Politician," being the new Elusive Target that's live now. Hitman 2 players may recall that Sean Bean was Hitman 2's first Elusive Target, and the newest one is now available and tasks players with discerning which person is actually their target.

"This Elusive Target comes with a twist; the target has a body double," IO Interactive's roadmap for March explained. "You'll have to figure out who is the real target and eliminate them to complete the mission. Don't worry if you also eliminate the body double, you won't fail the mission, but your rating will obviously take a hit."

The next release after the Elusive Target will be the Butler Did It Challenge Pack that's releasing on March 14th where players will take on the role of a butler to complete their missions in secret. New Featured Contracts will release on March 21st, a Sniper Assassin map drops on March 26th, and March 28th will introduce a new Escalation Contract. Returning back to the Elusive Targets, March 29th will introduce a Legacy Elusive Target. From Hitman who "has a penchant for a particular brand of cheap fruit jam."

When that Sniper Assassin map comes out, IO Interactive will also release a new update that'll improve the game while also fixing some problems. Full patch notes aren't available yet, but IO Interactive said they'll come before the update's out.

"Alongside the release of our new Sniper Assassin map on March 26, we've got a game update lined up that will bring more improvements and bug fixes to the game," IO Interactive said. "We'll be sharing the full release notes before the update arrives. Stay tuned for that!"

Hitman 2's full roadmap for March can be seen above along with the trailer for the new Elusive Target.


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