Horizon Zero Dawn Game of the Year Edition Leaked

A Game of the Year edition of Horizon Zero Dawn appears to have been leaked ahead of an official announcement.

No confirmation for the PlayStation 4 game has been revealed at this point, but watchful gamers quickly picked up on a listing for the game that appeared on Play Asia's website. It appears as though the reveal of Horizon Zero Dawn's special version was unintentional from Play Asia's end; attempting to navigate to the retailer's listing for the game will instead reroute players to a 404 page that doesn't contain a listing for the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn Game of the Year Edition
(Photo: The PlayStation Brahs)

However, some were able to catch a glimpse of the game's listing and screenshot it before it was taken down. The above image shows proof of the game's rerelease as a Game of the Year edition and also lists a price and a release date. According to the listing that was briefly up on Play Asia's site, Horizon Zero Dawn Game of the Year Edition will be priced at $49.99 and is scheduled for a Dec. 5 release.

The release date for the game gives players just enough time to add it to their wishlists or gift the game for the holidays, but the listing didn't provide any information about a Western release. It's expected that the game will receive a widespread release due to its quick success on the PlayStation 4, but an exact date has yet to be revealed.

Within the Game of the Year edition, players can look for the upcoming DLC expansion that's releasing later to be included. The expansion, The Frozen Wilds, was revealed earlier in the year and is the first major story DLC to be added to the game. It takes players away from the lush, machine-filled landscape that's found in the base game and instead places them in a frozen wilderness filled with new threats and adventures.


Horizon Zero Dawn is currently available for the PlayStation 4 for $49.99 and The Frozen Wilds is scheduled to release on Nov. 7, but look for them both to hopefully be bundled together when the Game of the Year Edition is officially revealed.