Injustice 2: Bizarro Revealed

We just finally just got our hands on Starfire's first gameplay trailer for Injustice 2, which you [...]

We just finally just got our hands on Starfire's first gameplay trailer for Injustice 2, which you can watch above. We were so excited to consume every second of Starfire footage that missed something big toward the beginning. Something really big; something hulking. It's freaking Bizarro! Take a look for yourself at the 35-second mark, and you'll see a brief showdown between Starfire and Bizarro, and for the most part, Bizarro.

This is quite obviously going to be a premiere skin for Superman. The character models obviously are going to loo similar (we completely missed him at first), but as usual the 'S' on his chest has been reversed, his skin has been completely zombi-fied, and his cape is in tatters. Aesthetic changes aside, Bizarro is going to fight exactly like Superman since he's pretty much a clone of Superman. Expect no differences in his moveset -- except for one.

Instead of heat vision and ice breath, Bizarro has heat breath and ice vision. We see this at the very beginning of his match with Starfire, and Starfire gets the nasty end of both of these topsy-turvy abilities. In fact, if you look closely, it looks like the fire breath that Bizarro uses is meter-burned which causes Starfire to catch fire (ironically) and writhe a bit. So apparently if you meter-burn Bizarro's fire breath it'll give you a good opening to start a combo.

Other than the Bizarro surprise, the Starfire trailer went pretty much like we expected. She was a little more of a close-range fighter than we originally anticipated -- we thought she would be a zoner for sure -- but things will change once she gets in the hands of more aggressive players. We did see a few zoning tools at her disposal, and these gameplay trailers aren't always meant to showcase competitive play; they're meant to make the character look cool. Starfire does look cool, and so does Bizarro.

We expect the Bizarro skin will be made available when Starfire is made available in August.