Jim Sterling Blasts Destiny 2's Holiday Update Microstransactions in Blistering New Video


Destiny 2's winter event, The Dawning, is now live and full equipped with new gear, snowballs, and more. But not everybody is feelin' their festive vibe, or the mictrotransactions it comes with. Popular YouTuber Jim Sterling did not mince words about his own displeasure at how Bungie handled their latest in-game loot - and considering all of the controversy surrounding MMO about players feeling gilted, we can't exactly blame him. Captioned "Forget Christmas, it's Boxing Day EVERY day at Eververse," this is what Sterling had to say about this thoughts surrounding Eververse being once again front and center:

"... went from me giving it an impressed 8 at launch, to me at the very list pencilling it in [...] at the shittiest games of 2017." Strong start, Sterling. Through the jokes, F-bombs, and general cynicism - Sterling does make quite a few valid points. Unlike other games in the same genre, the seasonal engrams are almost impossible to get organically. This then of course prompts many players lusting after the gorgeous new loot to spend IRL currency to gain in-game seasonal gear.

It's not "just cosmetic" either, Ghost shells are also seemingly locked within the Eververse and these actually do provide in-game bonuses to help the overall gameplay experience. The palpable exasperation with Tess and her Eververse gate lock can definitely felt and does echo perfectly a general discourse with the game and house the team behind it continue to handle their community relations.

As a huge fan of the latest MMO personally, I couldn't help but to get a chuckle and respectable nod to his cyclic representation of the Destiny 2 lifespan:

destiny cycle
(Photo: Jim Sterling)

If it continues this trend, we should expect an update from Bungie very soon with hopeful fixes. If only there were a way to skip steps 3- ... all of them.