Here’s What Konami’s P.T. Would’ve Looked Like In the PlayStation Era

Oh, the PlayStation era. There was nothing like it. We got revolutionary games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil to jump-start the horror game genre, along with several other favorites that have become cult classics. And it leaves us wondering – what if Konami had capitalized with other horror ideas at the time?

Granted, Silent Hill was good, but we’re talking about P.T., the demo that the publisher released a few years ago as a teaser for the much-bigger Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro project Silent Hills. A YouTube user by the name of 98Demake has managed to do just that, reimagining the now-scuttled PlayStation 4 demo into something that came out of the original PlayStation era. And the end result is pretty amazing, to say the least.

Like the PS4 demo before it, the P.T. PlayStation demo, which can be seen above, really nails down the ambience as your character goes through various walkways while reports play in the background. But what’s cool is that 98Demake actually went all out to recreate some of the PlayStation nuances with the demo.

Take a close look. The lighting is vintage PlayStation, with not a heavy amount of detail, but, actually, the right amount to create that spooky tone. And you can also see those rough edges with the aliasing as you go around corners. On top of that, 98Demake has also made sure that the creepiness remains intact, as you explore each dark new hallway and wonder what’s sneaking around in your area.

Alas, it’s not playable. 98Demake simply made this to showcase what could be done with a little work, but they didn’t release it for people to try. Probably just as well, considering that Konami was so quick to kill off the demo in the first place. Following its release, the publisher decided that Silent Hills wasn’t worth its time and cancelled it, and removed the demo from the PlayStation Store soon after.

Don’t fret too much, though. Del Toro and Kojima are working together on Death Stranding for PlayStation 4, and Konami…well, there’s Metal Gear Survive. Sigh.


Anyway, enjoy the demo above, and enjoy the throwback!

Robert’s Take: I would’ve played the hell out of this game had it come out back in 1998. In-between my sessions of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Resident Evil, of course.