League Of Legends Delays Most Of Stoneplate Changes To Later Patch

in 7.17.'While that change will be going through in the next patch, the second one that included [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

Changes to League of Legends' Gargoyle Stoneplate tank item are still on the way, but only some of the tweaks are coming in Patch 7.17.

Riot Meddler revealed today in a quick Gameplay Thoughts update that the Gargoyle Stoneplate change scheduled for the next patch is just a bugfix instead of a full-blown nerf. The bugfix involves a frustrating interaction where Stoneplate would actually grant wielders even more health than it normally would when the active effect was used while owned with another item. A bug like that has the potential to cause huge problems for players up against health-crazy champions like Cho'Gath, especially when their damaging abilities scale off of health.

"Looks like we'll be shipping one of the previously mentioned Stoneplate changes (bug fix so it doesn't give more health than intended when combined with Cinderhulk) in 7.17."

While that change will be going through in the next patch, the second one that included more noticeable changes to Stoneplate appears to be delayed. This nerf would split the bonus health gained from the item to a mixture of base and bonus health instead of the current version.

"The second, which is still being tested, but likely to ship, is a change where the 100% extra health temporarily granted will be split between base and bonus health, rather than all be treated as bonus health," Riot Meddler wrote in a previous Gameplay Thoughts post. "E.g. a champ with 1500 base health and 1000 bonus health would now get an extra 1500 base health and an extra 1000 bonus health, rather than 2500 bonus health."

Those changes are still on the way, but for now, it seems that they'll hold off on the balancing until some more technical issues are resolved.

"The other change (extra health granted is a mixture of base and bonus, rather than all bonus) however will have to be delayed to 7.18," Meddler stated today regarding the changes. "It's tested well and we were hoping to get that in for 7.17 but there's a little bit of technical work needed to implement it bug free so we'll need to push it back a patch."

There's a 3-week gap between Patch 7.17 and 7.18, so while the changes are still coming, they'll take a bit longer to get here.