League of Legends Previews Nunu's Rework With New Trailer

Nunu’s rework has now been partially revealed thanks to a League of Legends trailer that gives a [...]

Nunu's rework has now been partially revealed thanks to a League of Legends trailer that gives a quick look at the champion's new abilities.

The trailer was shared through the League of Legends EU Twitter alongside other League account that showed off a much more whimsical version of the game's first duo champion. With WIllump growing some huge antlers and Nunu looking much more like a real boy, the two are ready to roam the Rift and wreak havoc on enemy champions and jungle camps alike.

Descriptions for each one of Nunu's abilities weren't shared with the video, so Riot Games hasn't revealed exactly what the champion can do yet. What we do know from the video though is that he can now use what looks like his iconic Consume ability on champions as well as jungle monsters. The trailer shows Willump and Nunu chomping down on a Raptor, a Gromp, and even a host of champions including, Eggnivia, Malphite, and a blobbified Zac. That's already a huge change from his current form that only allows the ability to be used on jungle monsters and minions, though Riot Games hasn't revealed if it'll have any extra effects against other players.

Nunu also appears to have an AOE ability that slings snowballs at surrounding enemies with some crowd control applied at the end. But his abilities get even goofier with a new snowball attack, one that has the Yeti rolling a massive snowball that appears to grow in size and speed as Nunu and Willump push it. The snowball allows Nunu to travel quickly down the river after a successful gank until it's flung into an enemy champion, knocking them up into the air on impact.

While Nunu's current Blood Boil in action doesn't always have the most noticeable effects, it looks like he's got a similar ability that benefits his teammates and maintains his identity as a supportive jungler. He gives Ashe a buff when helping her gank a Nocturne, though it's difficult to tell what exactly the buff is.

His ultimate remains intact as well, something that we knew would happen after Riot Games' latest Champion Roadmap confirmed that Nunu's champion designer Justin "Riot Xenogenic" Hanson and the rest of the champion team wanted to make sure Absolute Zero stayed in Nunu's kit. It looks like it's got some flashy new visuals, though it's impossible to tell if it comes with any new effects without seeing a full list of abilities.

Nunu's full rework is expected to be revealed soon now that the champion teaser has been shared.