Next League of Legends Preseason Will Focus on Evolving Summoner's Rift

League of Legends’ next preseason period is quickly approaching, a time when sizable changes are made to the game without having to worry about throwing the ranked and professional scenes into turmoil. Past preseasons have seen the introduction of things like the new rune system that’s now become so familiar, though this next preseason will have a different focus. Riot Games said this week that Preseason 2020 in League will be mainly focused on “evolving Summoner’s Rift.”

Summoner’s Rift is the main map players compete on in 5v5 game modes, so it’s a big deal when anything about it changes. For this upcoming preseason, Riot said it’s looking at two parts of League that it says are the game’s greatest strengths: “Variety” and “Mastery.” Variety, according to Riot, is the memorable moments that differentiate one League match from another. Part of that strength is realized through the Elemental Dragons, though Riot said that’s a light version of the strength and that it wants that to “go further and in a way that’s fair for both teams.” Mastery deals more with rotating to different lanes and the micro and macro play we hear pro players and casters talk so much about in the most competitive games.

Riot isn’t ready to spill all the details on what’s coming to Summoner’s Rift for the Preseason 2020 period – we’ll have to wait until the 10-year celebration takes place next week starting on October 15th to hear the start of those plans. Today’s teaser hinted at what’s to come by saying Season 2020 will be “taking your mastery of Summoner’s Rift to new heights” among other changes to various parts of the game.

“The changes to SR are the main focus of this preseason, but you can expect a wide pass of other small improvements to the game’s systems,” Riot said. “These will include support items, lethality items, improved top lane influence, jungle pathing improvements, improved dragon buffs, and keystone improvements.”


Plants, Elemental Dragons, and other notable changes like the extra gates around players’ respective bases are a few examples of what’s been changed or added in the past. Players should still expect to see a three-lane map with a jungle and neutral objectives by the end of the preseason period, but it sounds like Riot has some interesting plans for Summoner’s Rift.

League’s Preseason 2020 period will start in November when Patch 9.23 releases.